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Angara Platinum Pear Shaped Aquamarine Earrings wGgXy3kfPD
Angara Platinum Pear Shaped Aquamarine Earrings

Thus far in his career, Brady has earned $835,000 per start and $1.07 million per win. That's not too shabby at all. Add in another Super Bowl ring, and that will end up having cost the Patriots $39.2 million per Lombardi under Brady.

2. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers

Total Salary: $158.3 Million

NFL Experience: 13 Seasons

Courtesy of Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In comparison, Big Ben has been nowhere near as successful as the rival he's set to take on Sunday. Though, that's nothing against the Steelers' quarterback and future Hall of Famer. Brady is simply on his own level.

For Roethlisberger, this weekend's AFC Championship game is all about etching his name in stone when it comes to the history books of one of the most successful franchises in NFL history. With a win on Sunday, he will tie Terry Bradshaw for the most Super Bowl appearances in Steelers history (four).

Big Ben is currently playing under a four-year, $87.4 million contract he signed back in March of 2015. His average annual salary of $21.9 million makes him the seventh highest-paid quarterback in the NFL. Again, there's a lot of value the Steelers are receiving here.

Roethlisberger has led his Steelers to three Super Bowl appearances, two Lombardi trophies and five conference title appearances in his first 12 seasons. We can now add a sixth conference title game to his resume. If it weren't for Brady, this would be the talk of the NFL right now.

When it comes to regular season success, Roethlisberger has won twice as many games as he's lost. He's also led Pittsburgh to nine double-digit win seasons.

To put this into perspective, the aforementioned Joe Montana won double-digit games seven times during his 16-year NFL career.

Not much more different than Brady, Roethlisberger has earned $865,000 per start and $1.3 million per winning during his career. With another Lombardi, the Steelers will have paid Big Ben $58.2 million per Super Bowl title.

3. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

Total Salary: $133.7 Million

NFL Experience: Nine Seasons

Courtesy of Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

This one was a bit surprising when crunching the numbers. We're still not sure how Ryan and his combined two postseason wins has earned more cash than two-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers. But that's what we're here to do ... figure it out.

What we do know is that Ryan benefited from the old collective bargaining agreement when rookie salaries were not capped. Shortly after being selected No. 3 overall back in 2008, Ryan inked a whopping six-year, $67.5 million contract with Atlanta. This was before he even took a snap in the NFL.

It is, however, important to note that this wasn't an uncommon situation under the old CBA.

The following season saw the Detroit Lions select Matthew Stafford No. 1 overall. He proceeded to ink a six-year, $72 millions deal .

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Amelie’s story

Two-year-old Amelie had a new baby brother. Amelie was much loved and her parents expected that she would welcome baby Noah with their support. Although Amelie was loving towards the baby, she became very clingy to her mother, started to show off when visitors came to admire the baby and no longer wanted to go to the playgroup that she had always loved. Her parents gave her as much time and love as they could and allowed her to decide for herself whether or not to go to playgroup. Over the next few weeks Amelie gradually became more like her old happy self and one day said that she would like to go to playgroup again.

Everybody’s life has ups and downs

Adults sometimes look back on their childhood as a time when they were always happy, but life’s ups and downs are a part of childhood too. Children need to build resilience skills to be able to both enjoy good times and deal with hard times. Helping children learn how to manage life’s ups and downs and build their coping skills supports their mental health and wellbeing now and into the future.Feeling good protects mental health and wellbeing.

Did you know that experiencing positive emotions such as joy, pleasure and having fun are essential experiences for building and maintaining a healthy mind across our whole lives?

Skills and qualities that help children cope with life’s ups and downs

Children develop these skills and qualities and learn to keep a balance over time, initially through their experiences in coping with small stresses with help from supportive adults. When bigger stresses come along, even though at first they might feel quite distressed, children can draw on what they have learned about helping themselves to cope and feel better. Looking to others for support continues to be an effective way of coping.

How are your child’s resilience skills developing?

Resilience is the ability to cope with life’s ups and downs. Children’s resilience is enhanced when they:

Feeling optimistic and hopeful are key parts of mental health and wellbeing.

This information has been adapted from the International Resilience Project

See also:

Supporting children to cope with stress

Resilience: Further resources

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