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Lana Jewelry Reckless Solo Choker Necklace in 14k Rose Gold with Black Diamonds wyHj49
Lana Jewelry Reckless Solo Choker Necklace in 14k Rose Gold with Black Diamonds

Speak up. "If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you” (Matt. 18:15 NIV). “God calls us to be peacemakers, not peacekeepers,” points out Vernick. She says pursuing peace might mean risking conflict in order to bring about a genuine peace (Ps. 34:14; Heb. 12:14 NIV). Speaking up is very different from venting, which can have negative consequences. We should speak the truth to someone in love after we have spent time praying and preparing for our time together. Approach that person in gentleness and with humility (Gal. 6:1 NIV).

Speak up.

Stand up. “But if he will not listen, take one or two others along, so that 'every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses” (Matt. 18:16 NIV). God calls us to stand against sin, evil, deception, abuse and wickedness. When others are blind to their sin, God calls us to enlist the help of others. With a supportive person or church by your side, say, “I will not continue to live in fear,” “be lied to” or “be degraded.”

Stand up.

Step back. “If he refuses to listen even to the church, treat him as you would a pagan or a tax collector (Matt. 18:17 NIV),” says Jesus. In biblical culture, Jews did not have close, personal relationships with pagans and tax collectors. Vernick says when someone refuses to respond to our concerns, the relationship changes. “You cannot have fellowship with someone who refuses to respect your feelings, doesn’t care about you, won’t respect you and who isn’t honest.” When we step back from the relationship, it helps minimize the damage and gives the other person time to reflect on his behavior and the relationship. It sends a message that a pattern of sinful, destructive behaviors is unacceptable to us and to God.

Step back.

She points out that even when we find it necessary to step back from a situation, God calls us to love. The apostle Paul says, “We bless those who curse us. We are patient with those who abuse us” (1 Cor. 4:12 NIV). And in Romans 13:10, “Love does no harm (NIV).”

As we learn to identify destructive conflict and apply God’s Word to our situations, we can minimize its damage in our lives. What’s more, we move from victim to victor, honoring God in even the most difficult of circumstances.

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Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Jennifer Thomas

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Miss June Hunt

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Dr. John Townsend

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> 3 Risks of Real Estate Investing and How To Minimize Them
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In the risk-filled world of real estate investing, having a smart strategy can help you reap the rewards.

Investing in real estate is risky business. But the rewards—an extra stream of income, the chance to build wealth and that gold ring called financial independence—can be well worth the reach.

Risk arises from uncertainty. And, in the world of real estate investing, there is no “set it and forget it.” Risk management for real estate investments requires ongoing diligence and a strategy that needs to be constantly monitored and adjusted accordingly.

As Drew Reynolds of Jessie V E Rose Gold Aries Star Sign Constellation Ring UK I US 4 1/4 EU 47 3/4 SxvKDdsMW
reflects, “Real estate investment is risky. The dollars at stake are often significant. The losses can really hurt. However, through proper risk management, a diligent investor can “stack the deck” in their favor.”

Therefore, risk management can be defined as the process of reducing the probability and limiting the severity of potential negative outcomes involved with real estate investments. In other words, having a solid Angara BezelSet Amethyst Stud Earrings in Platinum dVxt9auDQ5
in place.

The first step in mitigating risks is being able to identify what they are. Here are three of the most common risks that threaten to derail every real estate investor—along with straightforward tips for overcoming them:

Three of the Most Common Risks that Threaten Real Estate Investors

#1: The risk of not getting what you think you paid for

Buying the right property in the right location is perhaps the most important part of being a successful real estate investor. And, it’s important to not overspend on a property. For example, make sure you don’t buy a rental property that is more damaged than it looks, or you risk dealing with costly repairs and maintenance.

TIP: Bring along an inspector to any property you are considering—a professional that can discover any hidden damage.

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Corleone Forever

By Tom Nicholson
Marvel/Getty Images

Black Panther gave Marvel a fresh spin on superhero films. A predominantly black cast telling a story about colonialism and exploitation, an incredibly realised Afrofuturist setting in Wakanda, and an array of complex female characters who carry the narrative while also finding time to smack wrong 'uns about.

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However, it turns out that director Ryan Coogler looked to two of the most iconic characters from cinema's past to come up with something which felt so new.

Speaking at his Blue Nile PrincessCut Diamond Solitaire Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold 1/4 ct tw j5dOyB7
, Coogler said that Marvel told him Black Panther was to be "their James Bond".

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"I hadn’t thought of that myself, but I liked it,” he admitted. So, he stuck on his copy of Octopussy and started making notes.

"We watched a bunch of Bond films, but that was early research. Once we realised the themes we wanted to explore, we started to watch different films," he said.

"A big one was we realised we were making a film about a guy who lives in this secretive country nobody really knows, he works with his family, his father dies, he has to step into this position of power, and it was like ‘Oh man, we’ve got to look at The Godfather .’ So once we pivoted and looked at the Godfather films, a lot of things opened up for us."

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Yes, it's disappointing to hear someone as cool as Ryan Coogler talking about 'pivoting' to anything, but he's got more than enough credit in the bank at this point to get away with it. He was understandably quite bashful about telling people he wanted to go the full Coppola in a superhero film.

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"You tell people you’re trying to make a superhero movie but it’s going to be like The Godfather , and I was worried about people thinking we were aiming too high."

Coogler also looked to Ron Fricke's documentaries Baraka and Samsara to work out how best to immerse an audience in an unfamiliar Wakandan landscape: "We would screen those with our whole art department and talk about how we wanted the areas in Wakanda to feel."

He also remembered how his wife forced him to go back to the comic books and rediscover how it made him feel as a child when the project threatened to overwhelm him.

"My wife is real cool – she made me go back to the comic book shop where I first found out what Black Panther was, and I went back there and bought a Panther book, and that reminded me of the awesomeness of it.


There are only two northern white rhinos left in the world, yet recent breakthroughs by reproductive...

4 Jul 2018

Sutra 18K White Gold amp; Diamond Feather Drop Earrings XJQEH6


Two African penguins were filmed adorably holding hands on a beach in South Africa....


When doggy chums have a spat, they’re not very good at making up. In fact, despite having more fight...


Japanese officials have announced they plan to seek approval by the International Whaling Commission...

Plants and Animals

We wonder how the beetle's brain processes all this extra visual information. Eduardo Zattara/IU Bloomington

Angara Round Diamond Three Stone Ring with Sapphire Side Stone in Yellow Gold vF24ec5
15 Nov 2017, 15:22

We don’t know about you, but we’re always quite excited by any news story that starts with the phrase “scientists have accidentally created” – it’s either going to be something incredible or it’ll be the future plot of a Hollywood movie.

The latest accident features the use of some very quirky genetic manipulation. Courtesy of Indiana University (IU), we now have beetles with functional third eyes. As pointed out by a rather marvelous Angara EmeraldCut Peridot Cocktail Ring in White Gold b4lEcYGGK
by the university, this may make people think of the Three-Eyed Raven from Game of Thrones. This beetle isn’t likely to be a clairvoyant, but it's certain to provide a glimpse into the future of evolutionary biology.

Zales LabCreated Blue and White Sapphire Marquise Cluster Ring in Sterling Silver t5zjWV2

To be fair, it was a little while back that IU scientists, fiddling with this beetle’s genes, Zales Enhanced Blue and White Diamond Accent Tilted Double Heart Pendant in Sterling Silver w2Afi
led to one developing a third eye. This time around, they’ve intentionally been conducting their genetic alchemy on beetles, and have now purposefully provoked it to pop out its third peephole.


As emphasized by the team, there's no single “gene” that influences the development of the eyes. Plenty work in unison to produce complex effects, and sometimes altering one can have unintended consequences elsewhere.

This means that finding out how to intentionally trigger the appearance of a third eye in the center of the beetle’s forehead isn’t as simple as finding an on-off switch. Saying all that, however, the team discovered that the silencing of just one single gene led to the fusion of two sets of extra eyes.

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